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Welcome to Kodaikanal Golf Club

128 Years of Golfing.

One misty day in June, twelve avid golfers, posing as hikers, stumbled out of a dense forest onto verdant rolling grassland, with gurgling streams and wooded hills. This, they thought, would be ideally suited for Golf. Thus, in 1895, was born the Kodaikanal Golf Club. In those days there was no ghat road as such, and the only mode of transport was by "shanks pony". Mainly American and British missionary with the Indian Civil Servant, Formed the backbone of the club. More than a hundred years later, with the support of these pioneering members, the club has grown from strength to strength, and now has over 400 members. One of the oldest traditions of the club which is still followed today, is that The New Captain who has been nominated by the outgoing Captain drives into office off the First Tee. During the fifties it became a tradition for the Captaincy to rotate between an Indian, an American and a Commonwealth Citizen. This tradition continued until the late 70's.

The next landmark of the club was the addition of nine holes, hewn out of the hills and the forest, to complete an 18 hole course by the early sixties. This was closely followed by the conversion of "Browns" to "Greens" - a major undertaking completed in 1986.

The Hon. Secretary's favourite animal, the wild Boar, till then largely unnoticed as it happily dug its way through the fairways overnight, made its presence felt when freshly laid greens were found ravaged. Even today a golfer short of eagles and birdies can be rewarded with sightings of the real thing. A Brahiminy Eagle circling over the 6th green or a couple of Barking Deer bounding across the 4th fairway, or the majestic Indian Gaur on the Course.

This, then, is the Kodai Golf Club today, nestling 7000ft. above sea level in the Palani Hills with cool breezes blowing off the cliff face, which can turn a par three hole from an easy nine iron to a hard four, with descending mist that makes you listen to know where your ball lands, and where the nineteenth hole offers succour and a view over one of the prettiest courses in the world.